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Empowering everyday lives through voice-activated touchless technology

Opening Doors With Your Voice

Open Says Me™️ is an innovative first-of-its-kind touchless patented technology that uses voice commands to operate doors, faucets and more, at home or work. Designed by a disabled veteran for disabled veterans, the broader applications for people with mobility issues and workplace safety needs quickly became apparent.

Safe, secure, and easy to set up without damaging doors or fixtures, Open Says Me hands-free technology gives greater freedom to people with limited mobility to access many areas of their living spaces. 

Our product can also improve cleanliness and safety by reducing the transmission of direct contact diseases in shared spaces, including labs, medical offices, salons, kitchens, and other workplaces. The touchless operation of Open Says Me allows users to safely dispose of hazardous materials.

If something opens and closes by hand,
Open Says Me can open it, too.

What Is It

Who Can Use Open Says Me?

People with Disabilities
Seniors with Decreased Mobility
happy-joyful-corporate-coach-holding-pen (1).jpg
Facilities Managers

There are many exciting potential uses for Open Says Me, from nursing homes and assisted living centers to medical offices and hospitals. Our device can support someone recovering from surgery and someone living with a disability or condition that limits the use of their hands or ability to reach certain doors or faucets. 

Additionally, the voice-activated touchless technology of Open Says Me can prevent the spread of germs or contaminants in shared spaces such as commercial kitchens and laboratories, and it also allows for safer disposal of hazardous materials.


How Does Open Says Me Work?

Open Says Me works by connecting to a voice-command device (currently, the Amazon Alexa™️ or Echo™️) via Wi-Fi. Once connected to the voice-command unit, Open Says Me operates through a secure Zigbee™️ wireless network device that can’t be hacked from an outside source. By connecting wirelessly offline, Open Says Me can respond to commands in less than one half of a second.


Where You Can Use It

  • Doors, exterior - aluminum and wood

  • Doors, interior - aluminum and wood

  • Most cabinet doors and drawers 

  • Faucets, hot and cold water

  • Refrigerators, residential and commercial

  • Freezers, residential and commercial

  • Dishwashers

  • Stoves and ovens, residential and commercial

  • Trash can slide-outs

  • Walk-in refrigerators and freezers, commercial

  • Toilets

We want to hear your ideas for Open Says Me! If you can think of an application for our product that isn’t listed above contact us.

Every aspect of product design and testing adheres to our mission to make life easier and safer for our customers.


Ease of Installation

Open Says Me was designed with ease of installation in mind. For example, installation on a refrigerator takes about 20 minutes using double-sided tape, and requires no permanent holes or other damage to the appliance.


The Open Says Me control unit can be positioned up to 100 feet away from any door it operates.



Safety is one of the most important aspects of the Open Says Me door control system. Each door moves quickly but with minimal force to help ensure safety, automatically turning off after six seconds. A door equipped with Open Says Me will stop if obstructed by something as small as a pinky finger, making it safe for families with small children or pets

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During product development, the Open Says Me prototypes have operated several thousand times without a single failure. It can be reprogrammed multiple times for different voice commands. Open Says Me is durable and made with quality products that will last many years to come.


Our Inspiration and Story

Learn what inspired the inventor of Open Says Me to create a product that helps others, and explore the journey from the first prototype to the current version.

A Letter from the Creator of Open Says Me


Most of us open doors and turn on faucets every day, many times a day. We usually don’t give these simple routine motions much thought unless we’re in a public restroom that hasn’t been cleaned. I first realized how I took these simple, everyday actions for granted after my wife, Leslie, told me that her 90-pound frail mother couldn’t open her refrigerator door during her last year of life. Then I learned that a neighbor who used a wheelchair was also unable to open many of the doors in her home. Finally, after hearing my wife complain about dirtying the door handles in our kitchen, I started thinking that there must be a better way.

If I could develop a product to help people with disabilities gain more independence, make homes and offices safer, and maintain marital harmony, it would be an all-around win. Applying my mechanical aptitude, I got to work in my garage and Open Says Me was born.

While it started as a product developed by a veteran for veterans, Open Says Me is for anyone who wants to regain the ability to do simple everyday things or prevent the spread of germs and messes. My dream is to make this product available and accessible to anyone who struggles to open doors or appliances or wants to improve safety and cleanliness at an affordable price. Open Says Me will further support veterans and others in need by donating 15% of all proceeds to organizations like the Fisher House.

Jack Botu,

Founder and Inventor

Open Says Me


Imagine the Doors We Can Open - Together

Open Says Me was originally designed by a disabled veteran for disabled veterans, but it was also intended to help anyone with limited mobility who struggles to open doors or operate faucets. As we continued developing this product, we realized even broader extensions and applications for this voice-operated touchless technology, including improving cleanliness and safety in shared environments. 

A number of possible features can be added to the Open Says Me door control system for specific residential, workplace, and facilities applications:

  • Restricting operation of specific doors to particular people via voice or passcode

  • Logging of people who operate a door

  • Sending notifications of who opened a door and when

  • Photographing each person who opens the door


Here are just some of the possible applications for the Open Says Me voice-activated touchless technology door controller:

  • Opening doors in workplaces, nursing and assisted living homes, and public restrooms

  • Operating faucets in restaurants or laboratories without touching them with contaminated hands

  • Accessing cabinets in a hospitals, medical offices, or hair salons

  • Operating commercial oven and freezer doors during busy shifts


Interested in helping us bring this touchless technology to the world?
Let’s talk! 

We want to hear from you!


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